Friday, February 6, 2009


dear blog,

im pretty sure that we've all been betrayed before, by our loved ones, by distant people, etcetc. but i would never have thought that the best friend i thought i had would betray me like this. ohyeah, we've had fun times together, i valued her on top of others. but i would have never known what a competitive person she was, and how she was so determined to win me and take away my everything. i never knew she hated me so much.
why? on the outside she may seem so innocent, so sweet, but why inside does she have to do this to me? why is she ripping my life into threads? is she really that jealous of me? i miss her, i miss knowing the old her. or maybe she was like this the whole time, just that i was too dumb to have known earlier. i really want to express the feelings of my pain, and how much i miss the old times. im suffering from this, why is my best friend doing this to me? talking shit about me behind my back, trying to destroy my life, stealing the tresures of my heart for her own. yeahyeah, at school things may seem normal. others might not see this. but its the truth. and the unfortunate thing is, IM the ONLY one seeing this. why does this have to happen to me? who can i talk to? who can i trust? i loved and accepted who she was, but why do i have to see her real side? i wish i can be blindfolded for life.
but things will never be the same.


ps. till this day, i still cant bring myself to publicize her name. *sighs*